The 5 Best Apps For Counting Carbs and Losing Weight

So, you’ve waited for summer and the weight loss is not quite where you want it to be. You are thinking of joining a health club to get those extra pounds off fast, but there’s still more you can do in your weight loss quest.

If you like tracking carbs in order to shed pounds, (or you follow a low carb diet, or like low carb ketogenic or low carb paleo foods) there’s an app for that! Just in case you didn’t think they existed for low carb lifestyles, they are out there and there are plenty of them.

Everything is easier on your smartphone; and here are some apps for helping you to count carbs and lose weight.

256Daily Carb Premium. Here is a great easy-to-use app. This one is especially good if you are tracking information in addition to carbs. It allows you to track glucose, medications, exercise and blood pressure. With this one you can create daily exercise logs as well as log in blood pressure, heart rate, triglycerides and cholesterol, too


Carb MasterCarb Master – The Daily Carbohydrate Tracker. They have a huge food database, and it also lets you track your carbs and set your goals for the day. This app has over 110,000 food items in the database and you can track your daily carbs and other nutrition on calendar view. Carb Master also has water tracking, weight tracking and glucose tracking for diabetics!


belly fat cureThe Belly Fat Cure Sugar and Carb Counter. Here you can easily track carbs during each meal. It’s all part of “The Belly Fat Cure Diet” and it will actually assist you with planning more balanced meals with just the right proportions of fiber, sugars and carbs.


atkinsAtkins Carb Tracker. This app is free and very easy to use. It comes with a low carb restaurant tracker for your selected carb range of foods. This app also includes 1,600 recipes, making it easy to find and fix low-carb meals!



calorie counterCalorie Counter Pro by MyNetDiary. This has the biggest database of foods of any counter. It not only counts your calories but all of your nutrients, too. Things like carbs, net carbs, sugars, protein, fibers and the like.



Most apps will allow you to save your favorite foods, create recipes for later, search for food, and keep up with all of your weight loss goals, as well as many other features and options.

You love living life with the click of a button.

Now, planning your low carb foods and searching for gluten-free or low carb ketogenic foods doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Just like everything else in life these days, there’s an app for that!

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