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Paleo Low Carb

Our Paleo friendly foods are part of what the hunter-gatherers ate long ago, void of heavy modern processing, sugars, dairy and wheat. We have special raw ingredients that are sure to please the Paleo dieter.

All of our mixes requiring dairy, can have substitutions of coconut cream, coconut milk, coconut oil, soy products and almond milk to make these mixes Paleo friendly. Just substitute the dairy 1 for 1 for Paleo friendly alternatives and they will come out great.

We carry freeze dried low glycemic fruits, nuts, seeds and our own custom cereal blends that are gluten free, void of any wheat, and low carb. Our gluten free cereals contain the ancient grain Chia salvia hispanica L, and golden and brown coarse chopped flax seed. We also have wonderful Paleo friendly snack packs to enjoy. 

Many people are now choosing a Paleo diet as a way to return to the way our ancestors ate for millions of years, and we support this way of eating at LC Foods, we're ready to provide the Paleo dieter with foods that makeyour diet easy to maintain. 

If you would like to find out more about our LC-Foods Paleo Friendly Products, or would like to contact LC Foods customer service for any reason, please visit our contact page

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