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Steak Sauce and Marinade

Steak Sauce and Marinade
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Product Number: 30232 - Size 12oz (340g)
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LC-Steak Sauce & Marinade from LC Foods is all natural with no sugar or corn syrup added. No artificial sweeteners and gluten free too! Enjoy on your favorite steak as a topping after cooking, or as a marinade before.

Our LC-Steak Sauce & Marinade tastes more like Heinz 57 than A1 Steak Sauce. If you want to avoid the many carbs in Heinz 57 coming from corn syrup, molasses and raisin concentrate then our LC-Steak Sauce will be just perfect: 

Cultured dextrose is a food additive used to inhibit the growth of undesirable bacteria and mold in foods. Often used in place of other preservatives or stabilizers like sodium or potassium benzoate and sodium or potassium sorbate, it is considered to be a more "natural" ingredient, because it is prepared by the fermentation of milk by a probiotic bacteria Propionibacterium freudenreichii and Lactococcus lactis, both of which are extensively used in the production of cheese. Cultured dextrose is used in a wide range of foods including dairy products, salad dressings, and baked goods.

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