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Natural Sweet Brown Sample Pack

Natural Sweet Brown Sample Pack
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Try a sample taste of our all natural, low carb, sugar free, artifical sweetener free, gluten free LC-Natural Sweet Brown. This is a 4 tsp sample to use 1 for 1 as you would regular brown sugar. This gives you the opportunity to try before purchasing a larger amount. Also great for giving out as samples to your diabetic or low carb curious friends.

LC Foods' Natural Sweet Brown is all natural, low carb, sugar free, paleo friendly, gluten free, and has no artificial sweeteners, or alcohol sugars. You can substitute LC- Natural Brown1 to 1 for brown sugar in your favorite recipes. Enjoy sweetening how nature intended, pure and natural. Fill your baked goods with the sweetness of sugar the healthy way! Completely without cane sugar, corn sugar or beet sugar! That’s right, we have created a patent pending product that is made from a fiber base with organic stevia rebaudiana leaf, natural herbal extracts and natural luo han guo Chinese fruit extracts.

There is no bitter aftertaste, and no alcohol sugars. It spoons out two for one like sugar and tastes like sugar for all your brown sugar sweetening needs in your favorite recipes and beverages as a substitute for regular brown sugar. This is the best brown sugar sweetener you will find on the market, with no bitter aftertaste, guaranteed!

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