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Low Carb Central

Low Carb Central was formed by Ian and Hayley in 2011, prompted by the lack of quality low carb goods available in Australia. Hayley had been living a low carb lifestyle for many years and kept seeing amazing low carb foods available overseas, but nothing trickling to Australia. After placing an order and loving the products their mind was made up. Why shouldn’t Aussie low carbers have access to these great low carb goodies as well?

Six months later they launched Low Carb Central with just 38 products. 3 years on and this has now grown to over 300 products and thousands of happy customers! Low Carb Central is still primarily run by Hayley on a day to day basis, with Ian running the back end website and data management. If you pop in to the warehouse in Newcastle, or say Hi on the live chat, chances are you’ll be talking to Hayley. Hayley and Ian firmly believe in the power of low carb as a healthy lifestyle, not just as a diet. Both Hayley and Ian are passionate about low carb and expanding the range of great quality, delicious low carb products available to the Australian low carb community.

LC Foods is a major part of the Low Carb Central family, and the LC Foods products are some of the most popular products on offer.

Low Carb Central

Low Carb Central - Hayley and Ian