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Trial Sample Size Packs

Tired of low carb products tasting like sawdust or cardboard or worse?   Tired of wasting your money on low carb products that don't work for you?   Not familiar yet with LC-Foods and how great our products taste?   Just want to try a little sample to see if you like it?  

Here are some of the LC-Samples we can send you for a taste before you buy in larger quantities.

We know that many other Low Carb, Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Diabetic Friendly or other 'healthy' products aren't always tasty or what they are cracked upto be, so we can understand why you might want to try before you buy.

As our valued customer, we want you to be satisfied with all your purchases from LC-Foods. We always guarantee our purchased products will be to your satisfaction.

If you would like to find out more about our LC-Foods sample packs, or would like to contact LC Foods customer service for any reason, please visit our contact page

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