Hamburger Roll Form Pans in 4 Sizes

Hamburger Roll Form Pans in 4 Sizes
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Brand: LC-Foods Corporation
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Our LC Foods' Hamburger Roll Form Pans are made from food grade silicone and heat resistant knitted fiber, and are NSF, FDA, and Kosher certified. These pans can be used for all your baking needs and also pre-molding in the freezer. LC-Form pans are durable for long use estimated at 1500-2000 bakes, and have a non-stick quality requiring no grease or oil when using them. Recommended baking with the LC-Form Pans are on a open grid metal rack or screen, works well for the 6 and 9 form pan (rather than a cookie sheet) to get the full exterior crispness. In some cases, you may want to decrease your oven temperature by 10% and increase your baking time by 10%. Unmolding is easily done by pressing the baked good out from the back. To clean simply soak in hot soapy water, clean with a non-abrasive sponge, and non abrasive PH balanced dish soap. Store forms no more than 6 high upside down without crushing to prevent the loss of shape.

LC-Hamburger Roll Form Pan Dimensions:

  • 4” (102mm) Diameter x ¾” (20mm) deep

Available in 4 sizes:

  • 3 form pan $12.75   dimensions  4-1/2" (114mm) x 14-1/2" (368mm)
  • 6 form pan $25.50   dimensions  9" (228mm) x 14-1/2" (368mm)
  • 9 form pan $38.25   dimensions  13-1/2" (343mm) x 14-1/2" (368mm)
  • 15 form pan $63.75 dimensions  23" (584mm) x 14-1/2" (368mm)
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Made perfect hamburger rolls using the LC white bread mix. The pan is like Silplat and needs no oil or spray. I've eaten half the buns and am very happy to have hamburgers back on my diabetic diet... next is hot dogs!

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