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My family is a sweets loving group-I make at least 4 trips per week to local backeries-recently my husband was diagnosed with diabetes-he was unhappy and cranky-we all were!!-then I made an lc chocolate cake and lc hot fudge sauce-we are all thrilled-its very good-my husband is no longer cranky and he feels he can live low carb-Im so grateful-youre products have changed all of our lives Thank You.

Glenna - Boston MA

I'tve tried several of the LC-Foods products. I liked most of them. I usually add a no carb sweetener when baking the muffin and cookie products; I prefer a slightly sweeter taste for those foods. I don'tt think I would have been able to stay on my low carb diet without the LC-Foods products.

Deborah - LC-Foods Customer

You run an amazing company that allows us to maintain a healthy weight following the low carb lifestyle and we never get bored with the choices that you offer. Thank you!

Heather - LC-Foods Customer

LC Foods supplies me with the essentials I need to cook fantastic diabetic meals for my family. Without many of your products we would be denied many of the foods we love.

Patricia - LC-Foods Customer

Overall, I thoroughly enjoy the products. Most of them don'tt even taste low carb! It was a struggle to find different food that were low in carbs, but your business makes it so much easier on me. I can now eat all the foods I used to enjoy because you provide tasty low carb alternatives. ♥

Alex - LC-Foods Customer

I give LC-Foods a 10 – "Because they care about what they sell and that it is what it says it is"

Ellyn - LC-Foods Customer

Best & healthiest selection of low-carb foods anywhere!

Nicolette - LC-Foods Customer

I am gratefully and deeply impressed by your response to my email and resolving an issue I had. You now have a forever customer.

Diana - LC-Foods Customer

My husband, Mike, is very picky about how his coffee is made (aren't we all?!) and every time I suggested he use a different sweetener besides Splenda, he has turned up his nose at it. Since I've been trying to get us both off Splenda, I was getting frustrated UNTIL we tried LC Foods' Sweetener. My gosh, Mikey likes it!! Now what he's looking forward to is the sweetener in liquid form so he doesn't have to use two to get the sugar with and one to stir his coffee with...aren't men funny?! Anyway, BRAVO for finally finding the right -- and healthy -- combination to put in coffee so it doesn't alter the taste. This is really a milestone! My best,

Robin Beaman - North Hollywood CA

Just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with my first order of your items. The milk, brown sugar substitute and cookie mix are awesome. I have sent your website URL to more than a dozen friends who need to limit their sugar intake. And for the icing on the cake, your shipping was really prompt. I have gone from a stranger to a fan with one (first of many) order. From,

Will Willis - Miami FL

Where do I begin? Since meeting Glen on the 2011 Low Carb Cruise I've had the opportunity to try several products. Every single thing I've purchased and tried has been fantastic! The LC-Sweet White and Brown sugar substitutes are wonderful to bake with! I've made sugar free meringues and sugar free Reese's Peanut Butter Pie with fantastic results and ZERO sugar alcohols! The breading mix is wonderful for chicken strips and the cracker crumbs worked wonderfully in my shrimp and basil stuffed eggplant recipe! I'm trying out my silicone baking pans tomorrow! Can't wait!

Kim Joplin - Missouri

Everything was simply fantastic…totally delightful!!  (And I’m still in ketosis this morning, even after tasting everything!!).  I’m looking forward to making some Strawberry Cake (the piece I tried was so delicious!).  Wonderful balance of texture, flavors, so very satisfying…I’m placing an order for the LC-Pan Bread Mix to make it – and will add fresh strawberries, cinnamon, and walnuts.  Can’t wait to drizzle some of the LC-Confectioners Glaze on top of it, too!  All your products are outstanding….I’m just thrilled to know that you all are right around the corner and so accessible and easy to order with on the internet, too!

You’re on to something that is so badly needed - and so welcomed - in the low-carb community.  I, for one, am so thankful for you!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your commitment, and for all of your research and hard work to bring such delicious and nutritious products “to market” for us. You are blessings!!"

Lynne Ivey - Durham, NC

Just a quick note to let you guys know how excited I am about all the samples you included in with my order shipment!  I am breaking into the flours tonight and can't wait to see how the pizza dough tastes, and also eager to try out all the great smelling samples you sent as well!

Thank you again, I couldn't be more pleased with my experience with your company so far, and look forward to trying out all of the products you have to offer, and recommending highly to all of my friends!  YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!

Heather Sickler - Hollywood, Florida

"Low carb without deprivation," could be the motto for LC Foods. What should be the world's easiest diet, one that never leaves you hungry, has been complicated by the difficulty of finding tasty products and cooking ingredients that are low in sugar and starch. The stores are full of non-fat and low-fat "diet foods," but low-carb items have been few and often disappointing.

I'm happy to tell you that all this is changing thanks to LC Foods. I had a chance to preview some of their remarkable products: bread with the crisp crust of an Italian baguette, brownies that are moist and fudgy, pie crust that is flaky and tender—things that I had thought I would never be able to enjoy again. Glen the owner of LC-Foods has spent countless hours perfecting their breads, flours, sweeteners, cereals, milk and much, much more so we can enjoy a full range of low carb and sugar free quality foods that are both healthful and delicious.

Judy Barnes Baker - Author, Carb Wars; Sugar is the New Fat