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Are you taking the first steps in adopting a low carb, low sugar or diabetic diet?  Worried about finding great recipes that you can count on to meet your nutritional needs? 

Our collection of the very best in low carb cookbooks, a must for your kitchen cooking library. Nutritional books packed with great information on how foods process and metabolize in the body.  We've chosen these books because they go beyond recipes and teach you how to make the best choices and what makes some foods better for you.

Also be on the lookout for our very own LC-Cookbook in the near future with a collection of recipes using our products submitted by people just like you, including classics and fresh new ideas, to help  you make the best of our products.

If you would like to find out more about our LC-Foods Books, or would like to contact LC Foods customer service for any reason, please visit our contact page

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Nourished: Book
Carb Wars; "Sugar is the New Fat" Book
Carb Wars; "Sugar is the New Fat" Book