8 Piece Sampler Pack

8 Piece Sampler Pack
Price: $2.98
Brand: LC-Foods Corporation
UPC: 754205302574
Availability: In Stock
Size: 2.58oz (.09g)
Gluten Free!

Sample eight of our most popular lines for cheap! Discover hot chocolate, sweeteners, low carb potatoes and much more. All low carb and gluten free. Perfect if you are new to LC Foods and want to dip a toe in the water first! Included in the sampler pack are one each of LC-Cocoa, LC-Vanilla Frosting, LC-Natural Sweet White, LC-Natural Sweet Brown, LC-Thick'n Saucy, LC-Thick'n Potatoes, LC-Chocolate Nut Clusters and LC-Milk. 

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Great way to try before you buy.

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